A few months ago I was approached by The Elephant Family to
produce a Harris Tweed blanket as part of their Conservation Couture project, Jungle City. The event
celebrates the magnificence of Asia’s endangered wildlife, generating mass
awareness of their plight and making everyone smile at the same time. It sees a
herd of life-sized Asian elephants lead a community of brightly painted
orangutans, hornbills, tigers and crocodiles through the streets, parks and
buildings of the world’s most iconic cities with the aim of raising £50m over
the next ten years for their survival.  

Each life-sized elephants, which can be seen
in Edinburgh, wears a completely unique and stunning blanket designed and
produced by world class fashion houses that support The Survival Tour campaign.

The artwork below combines the work of myself and Alison Macleod of Tiger Textiles. Alison sent me some embroidered  Harris Tweed panels embellished with the Gaelic language and old photos of people from the Island. You can see them at the top and bottom of the blanket. I then selected different panels of
colourful Harris Tweeds and embroidered a few elephants, lace pieces and
buttons to make a type of patchwork blanket.

My twin sister artist Christine Clark was also invited to
paint a Hornbill, follow the link to see her with her bird. Her bird is situates at The National Museum of Scotland.

You can see 130
animal sculptures around Edinburgh City sprawled in parks, streets and in
buildings. The blankets and animals will  be sold at action to raise funds for Asia’s endangered
spices towards the end of the month.