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Style: Scotland – Russia

I was delighted to represent Scottish textile brands MYB Lace and Harris Tweed Hebrides on the Style:Scotland catwalk show in Moscow this week.

My cream and gold lace dress in collaboration with MYB Textiles hit the runway alongside my Harris Tweed Pheasant Feather Frock Coat.

The Frock Coat combines black Harris Tweed with a specially woven tartan fabric from Calzeat Textiles and features an overlay of MYB Lace on the sleeve. A very stylish Scottish number indeed!

Image – The Herald

Image – David Stanton

Scotland Re: Designed

The Gaelic Frock Coat @ Harvey Nichols

A trio of Harris Tweed celebrates ‘Wool Week’ at Harvey Nichols.

Outfits include designs by  my own label Judy R Clark alongside fellow Scottish designers Joyce Paton and Claire Hamilton. The garments represent a range of distinctive womenswear design using the iconic fabric. 

I selected the Gaelic Frock Coat  to be part of the presentation  in store as it represents the diversity of the fabric,the frock coat feature’s
unique embroidery by Tiger Textiles and is one of my personal favourites.  The frock coat has been showcased in
New York, Japan, and Glasgow and we are very pleased to see it alongside
some  of the world’s most exclusive fashion brands at Harvey Nichols.

The Harris Tweed display can be see on the 2nd floor womenswear department celebrating ‘Wool Week’ from the 5th-11th of September.

For more info on all things wool check out The Campaign for Wool.

Some more photos to follow from in store….

Best of Scotland

Keep your eyes peeled for some Harris Tweed Hebrides numbers at international departures, Glasgow Airport. 

As part of the Best of Scotland campaign,celebrating the multi million pound retail investment, HTH have an exhibition which contributes to the celebration of all thing Scottish at Glasgow airport. 

You can see my black Frock Coat with gold embroidered Orb on show alongside a few other designer using Harris Tweed Hebrides fabric.

Pic – Gerardo Jaconelli for Textiles Scotland