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Scottish Style Awards – Womenswear Designer of the Year.

Saturday evening seen Judy R Clark win the prestigious ‘Womenswear Designer of The Year’ at Scottish Style Awards! Delighted is the word.

Thanks to founder, Mary MGowne for a wonderful evening and for looking so stylish in her bespoke lace dress and cuffs.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners, a fab evening.

Thank you to Hatti who stood on a chair and cheered loudly and thanks to all of you who have supported the label along the way. Onwards!


lace black front bw tweed and lace


Photos – David Stanton



Wimbledon Jacket

Judy Murray Wimbledon Jacket


Here is a look at the jacket we made for Judy Murray’s Wimbledon occasions. The weather on centre court probably proves to warm for our coat but we like to think the Judy wears it with style to different events.

The coat is made using a  green and tartan cool wool in the Wimbledon colours using fabric from Scottish mill Calzeat Textiles and lined with a purple silk.

Wishing Andy Murray the best of luck today, doing Scotland proud!



World Peace Tartan

The story unfolds…

Tartan is one of the most recognisable cultural icons anywhere in the world. It is also a metaphor for interconnectedness, interdependence, equality and diversity; therefore this tartan can be used to illustrate humanity’s desire for a harmonious and sustainable future. 

The World Peace Tartan was created to promote a global message of peace. The striking light blue in the design is representative of the presence, hope and potential of the United Nations. Scotland is represented at the heart of this enterprise through the purple and green of the Scottish thistle. The red and black in the design represent and remind us of the realities of war and violence and the great need for a new living culture of nonviolence with the white running through the pattern proving a counterbalance in being symbolic of peace and light.

In the Studio

Making the coat was really exciting, I love what the tartan represents; each piece of the tartan is so symbolic. The bustle was made using scarves from the Dalai Lama along with my own scarves from my travels to Nepal. The scarves known as ‘Khatas’ are a traditional ceremonial scarf which symbolises purity and compassion.

The strong message woven within the fabric combined with the Khata’s really gives the coat a profound significance and dramatic silhouette. I wanted the coat to convey a sense of strength and have named it ‘The Peaceful Warrior.’ Where ever the wearer goes the emblematic message of tartan and the Khata scarves will billow behind the wearer.

See the coat in its début catwalk appearance on April 8th at From Scotland With Love, New York City!

Special thanks to the chief milliner at Fabhatrix for her specially made headpiece.

Click on the links below the press pictures to read the on-line editions.

Headpiece – Fabhatrix

Photographer Aleksandra Kocela

Hair and MUA – Illusion Controlled

Model – Yasamin

The Scotsman

The Herald

The Times

A collection for Emeli Sande

A little interview…

Very recently Judy has been working with EMI record label
and has created a capsule collection for the critically acclaimed Brit winner
Emeli Sande. The collection is inspired by truly timeless classic pieces with
an edgy graphic silhouette and is created in black using soft cottons, velvets,
silks and includes a cape, tailored jacket, coat, and dress. 

When this was

I created  a capsule collection for Emeli at
the beginning of the year, various flights, fittings , designing and
making the bespoke range meant it was ready for March. All the pieces were
handmade by me in the studio and one coat from my new label Spencer clothing
was also gifted to the artist.

What it involved

A number of fittings took place in Glasgow and London.
Mostly I was up and down on the same day. Emeli’s schedule is really demanding
so I had to be quite flexible in order to get the fittings done, her career is
taking off at an exceptional rate!

All the pieces are tailored to fit Emelie and the fabrics
were selected for their more organic nature and made mainly from 100% cotton
materials. Simple lines with bold collars and comfort was at the top of the
priority list. Emeli’s voice is so spectacular she really doesn’t need the o.t.t
stage wear, her voice says it all.

How it came about

I contacted Emeli’s agent when The Scottish Style Awards
were on in Glasgow. Both Emeli and I were nominees so thought it was a great
opportunity to work together and we established a relationship form there. We
were both nominated at The Scottish Variety Awards and picked up awards for
‘Best New Designer’ and Emeli ‘Break Thorough Artist’ where she wore one of my

How proud you were doing it

I was delighted to work with such a talented artist.
Emeli really knew what she wanted in terms on style; she wanted strong,
feminine and ‘graphic’ pieces which I think really represent her strong music
style and the message she is trying to portray as an artist. I love her music
and her work ethic is very admirable. I think Emeli may like to work with Scottish
designers so I am sure we will see her wearing some more pieces from
Scotland soon. In the meantime I watch her career take off at lightning speed and I hope to see her in some Judy R Clark pieces soon! 

Scotland has a start to be truly proud off.

Gabby Young and some other Animals including Bright Young Brits!

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Gabby Young, a fantastic musician who is hitting international headlines! We met at Gabby’s agents house and were greeted by the most tasty croissants smothered in jam with endless cups of tea. I opened my suitcase of jackets and dresses and I think Gabby fell in love with each and every one of them; she shares my love of cuffs, collars and bustles so it was the perfect match!

‘Dressing up’ is an essential part of Gabby’s stage presence. I had the pleasure of going to the Barbican to watch Gabby and the Other Animals perform – she has quite a crew!  A ten pieces brass band, piano man, drummer, guitarist – the works!

A few weeks ago Gabby jetted of on her world tour, one of my frock coats packed in her suitcase and I hear it has been on a photoshoot in Japan…nice work Gabby – I can not wait to see the pictures!  She is an inspirational young musician who I really look forward to working with… gabbyyoungandotheranimals.com

Bright Young Brits
I met Miss Young through an new initiative called Brigit Young Brits founded by Lucy Johnston Of Neon Birdcage.Lucy Invited me to be one of the first featured creative star profiles at Bright Young Brits which premiered at the end on last month.

BYB is a new digital publishing/exposition platform celebrating the work
of visionary and talented young creatives across the UK around 10
disciplines of art,architecture, craft, photography, fashion, film , digital design,3D design, literature and performance! Christine and I spoke to an invited guest list at the infamous Hospital Club.I twas an excellent eveing where we heard the stories of other young British talent making their way to the top…you can read a little more about it here..

I had the honour of choosing an  Owl to represent Bright Young Brits Fashion..I chose Blue!

Gabby preforming at BYB in my lace dress..she had The Gaelic Frock Coat on but it proved a little hot when preforming!


On Stage at the Barbican..