This week I  was invited along to  Milan to give a presentation about my Ford Car Dress as part of the launch of Fords new B-MAX car. It has been quite the head turner in Italy and I was delighted to represent my design there. You can read an article about it on  The Herald website and for now I will just share some pictures.The shops, shades, fur jackets and architecture were fabulous!




Conceptual and Exterior designers for the B-Max car/
‘Copine’ great vintage shop.

Wanted to buy the white pair left side second from the back, love!

Fabrizio De’ Marinis

I got chatting to Fabrizio as in passing I complimented him on his Harris Tweed jacket. He approached me later to ask more about the cloth so I told him my story. Turns out he is a successful journalist and author. He kindly invited me for a Tuscan dinner,..raw meat and red wine, was quite delicious!  He is looking for another Harris Tweed jacket in the same rougher quality as the one he was wearing which he purchased forty years ago. Loved a bit of the tweed chat in Italy.

Stubbled across famous author  Dominique Lapierre. A  whole troop of paparazzi  were following him. As I flicked through the fashion magazine I took my chance to take his picture. On Google I  later found out about his really fascinating, inspirational  travelling life.

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