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Part 2 – Scotland Re:Designed Showroom NYC

Natalia in my blue madras and lace dress

lace bustle, black circular skirt

Jacket made using Calzeat fabric embellished with lace with bright yellow lining.

FIT display

Exhibition at FIT (no pics allowed) but definitely worth a visit!

No photos were allowed but IMPACT is a must see if you are in New York
Scotland Re:Designed  look book

Knitting for Ms Ruzzack

man scooting a dog along the street…

very cute car

Maki J Obama and her assistant, fashion designers New York

Bebaroque getting snapped

Tracy and Tom from Carelee

Jan from Belinda Robertson

Euan McWhirter and his jewels!

lace dress by me and necklace by Euan

Me, model and Wendy from MYB textiles.

Another lovely lady in William Chambers!

William Chambers, Rosie Sugden and Wendy from MYB with a  William Chambers hat on.

Look forward to our event in Glasgow this June! Thanks to everyone involved was a great trip. x

The Pulse Magazine

Warrior Queen

Gaelic Frock Coats features on the front page of The Pulse Magazine a  free monthly magazine published by the Scotsman

“Independent  Scottish designers dress a modern-day Mary Queen of Scots, roaming Linlithgow Palace caught between old home and new”

Photographer: Levi MacDonald
Stylist: Claire Stuart
HMU – Kaeleigh Wallace
Model: Tara Nowy at Model Team
Location: Linlithgow Palace

Scottish Variety Awards – Nomination

Just found out I have been nominated for The Scottish Variety Awards, if you have a love for tweeds, lace and and tulle and of course our new Spencer collection please take two mins to vote HERE for me as best new Scottish Designer.  Much appreciated! x

My Ford Car Dress, London Photshoot.

My Ford Car Dress!

Pic – Andy Barr/andybarr.com

Pic – Andy Barr/andybarr.com

Pic – Andy Barr/andybarr.com

Pic – Andy Barr/andybarr.com

Pic – Andy Barr/andybarr.com

Pic – Andy Barr/andybarr.com

Pic – Andy Barr/andybarr.com

All pictures copyright of Andy Barr and must be requested for use –  andybarr.com

Challenge: Make a dress
out of car parts for Ford Motor Company.

Time limit: 1 Week

Materials: Various car
parts from a Ford Focus, Tweed, Lace, Leather, Silk Chiffon, Spray-paint.

Photographer: Andy Barr

Model:  Miss Scotland
2011, Jennifer Reoch


The parts arrived in two big boxes;
I unpacked all the components which covered the studio floor. Game on! Car
keys, radio players, dash board functions, rear lights, car seat covers, window
buttons, lighter functions, circular gizmos and gadgets aplenty!

back of the dress – the ‘engine’ – comprises of all the small components
stitched into a small crinoline type bustle.

massive red rear lights were a bit of a challenge; I sawed of the back section
with a hack saw to shed some bulk and weight, then drilled holes in top
section  attaching wire and kilt straps. so they could be clipped on and off.
I attached the lights and the entire bustle to an industrial sized leather belt
to carry the weight.

Using the
cover of a car seat, HTH tweed and a bit of spray-paint leather and lace I
constructed the biker jacket. My younger sister and I had a pair of pliers and
a screwdriver in hand pulling bits apart to access the circuit boards and
wires finding pieces that were a suitable sizes and weight to attach to the
jacket. It’s a great shape with a sexy edge.The needle of the speedometer on the back moves round so yo can choose what speed to go at! Underneath the jacket a tweed, gauze
and chiffon corset appliqued with copper wire nips in the waist.

dyed layers of silk chiffon inspired by the colour of diesel, the fabric
mimicking the flow of fuel. The contrast of feminine soft layers with that
of industrial car mechanics was something I wanted to encapsulate.

only asked for a dress but I could not resist making the whole outfit. Do you think
Lady Gaga would be interested? One for her next video perhaps….

enjoyed making this one!

A Tale of Tweed – Urban Outfitters Showcase, Glasgow

Thursday went
really well, great turn out, tasty cakes and some wine to help it all go down!

The exhibition
includes my collection of Harris Tweed wears, fashion illustrations and items
from around my studio which gives an insight into my design process. I shot some new pieces with photographer Anna Olszewska   last week..check out the results in store!

Wall hangings from
Tiger Textiles adorn the back wall showcasing Alison Macleod’s
talents in free hand embroidery and print skills which you often see in our
collaborative work. Alison and I have worked together over the past few years;
we met at Nesta in 2008 and have since formed a great friendship and business

You can read more about our collaborative
work below…

down and have a look the exhibition runs for 8 weeks.

Christines Clarks Artwork!
Urban Outfitters

A little bit about or collaborative work…..

Alison Macleod sends me tweed panels embroidered with the Gaelic language
telling stories
which are inspired by her native
Hebridean heritage, Gaelic culture and natural surroundings. Using this
inspiration, Alison embroiders lengths of Harris Tweed with designs that
compliment the traditional cloth. Through delicately stitching Gaelic songs and
poems in the tweed, she is telling the story of where the cloth is from and
promoting the culture in a modern way. She sends me her embroidered fabrics to
Edinburgh to incorporate into my designs. We named our first collaboration
‘The Gaelic Frock Coat’

From the Herald when The Gaelic Frock Coat was first created!

Gaelic Frock Coat made it s debut at the Scottish Style Awards and has since
traveled internationally gracing the catwalks of Japan for the ‘Tweed goes to
Tokyo’ exhibition, New York at ‘Dressed to Kilt’ and also at ‘Sachs on Fifth
Avenue’.  The jacket also represented the winners of textile manufacturer
of the year, Harris Tweed Hebrides, at the Scottish Fashion Awards at Stirling

I have
made a number of frockcoats that feature Alison’s embroidery; they give the
jackets more meaning, a different edge, people like to hear the journey about where the
garments come from. 

Tiger Textiles – commission for loom shed

Tiger Textiles – we used this embroidered print on our Pheasant Feather bustle jacket.

The Gaelic Frock Coat – Images Jannica Honey.


The back panel of the frock coat
tells a story about a woman at a ceilidh dancing in a petticoat with high
heeled red shoes on. Alison has embroidered a poem in Gaelic through this very
tactile piece she made from felt, tweed and vintage fabrics. 

The jacket is also on display in Urban

Check out  Where I Make for more info about my studio in Edinburgh!


Been working on some gorgeous lace cuffs, collars and a few dresses…Will be selling some of these items during the Edinburgh Festival. My Sister and I have decided to take on a pop up marquee on the Royal Mile to show our work to an international audience beginning August 14th.