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VOGUE Germany

We featured in Vogue Germany this week. See the translated  interview below.

vogue germany

“I like to walk through Edinburgh when the fallen leaves crackle under my shoes,” tells us Judy R Clark during a visit to her hometown last fall. The studio is located in the heart of the Scottish designer of Edinburgh, their designs are unmistakable homage to the Scottish home – reacted with details of Plaid, headdresses and romantic lace. She herself spending her favorite season in layering outfits and boots – the perfect combination for long walks through Edinburgh.

VOGUE: What do you like about Edinburgh?

Judy R Clark: The atmosphere, the architecture, the art and fashion scene. And that there are always new places to discover that inspire me. Since I use many materials from Scotland for my collections, it is best that I live in the capital and the manufacturers can visit at any time. It allows me to accompany the emergence of my designs from the beginning.

A perfect day in Edinburgh …

… Would start with a walk along the Water of Leith. Then I would stroll over the Stockbridge Market, visit an exhibition, and go to Stockbridge and Morningside shopping. In the evening I meet my friends at a dinner – the perfect way to end the day.

Where you reserve a table? And where you meet your tea time?

The  Gardner’s Cottage, one of my favorite restaurants, is only five minutes away from my studio. This historic cottage was originally lived in the gardener, offers the seasonal delicious dishes. I like the flavor! Or  Empires, a small Turkish restaurant on Saint Mary’s Street. Here you can dine surrounded by oriental decorations and can listen to live guitar music. For a meeting in the afternoon, I recommend Leo’s Beanery. There are award-winning brownies are  a must . The owners have made the way the furniture out of old doors and sewing machines.

Which location would you recommend for cocktails “after work”?

Panda & Sons on Queen Street. The outside looks like an old barbers shop. You can wander downstairs to a false bookcase and pull an old book to open the door to the basement bar where you can sip cocktails in old barber shop chairs. My favorite cocktail is the Birdcage which comes in a glass dome full of rosemary smoke.

Which shops you equip regularly visit?

Armstrong’s Vintage Emporium is a perfect place to be inspired. The selection of dresses and costumes is just fantastic! For new pieces I shop preferably in small boutiques in Stockbridge and Morningside.


photo vogue germany


Picture  of the new Lace Noir Collection  –  David Stanton

See the article online here

Belle Armoire Magazine

A snippet of our 10 page feature in Bell Armoire Magazine where Judy talks about her life, work and career as a fashion designer.

“In our house as children we always sat ‘round the table with crayons and pencils, clay, glitter pens — anything we could get our hands on. It was a creative kitchen where my sisters and I were encouraged to get our hands dirty and have some fun,” Judy remembers. It’s still the site of much creative brainstorming. “My kitchen table is one of my favourite places to be. The table has been the same since we were tiny tots standing underneath it. It’s a table full of memories, from the creative arty days, baking days, weird boyfriend days, and now the days of chatting about our different lives, creative paths, the good times, and the wine times!”

Thanks to all involved in the various photo-shoots used throughout the magazine. x

Style: Scotland – Russia

I was delighted to represent Scottish textile brands MYB Lace and Harris Tweed Hebrides on the Style:Scotland catwalk show in Moscow this week.

My cream and gold lace dress in collaboration with MYB Textiles hit the runway alongside my Harris Tweed Pheasant Feather Frock Coat.

The Frock Coat combines black Harris Tweed with a specially woven tartan fabric from Calzeat Textiles and features an overlay of MYB Lace on the sleeve. A very stylish Scottish number indeed!

Image – The Herald

Image – David Stanton

Scotland Re: Designed

Mail on Sunday Photosoot

Great shoot in YOU Magazine form the Mail on Sunday celebrating the Year of Creative Scotland.

The jacket is made form Calzeat Textiles based in the Scottish Borders. Thanks to Bob Galbraith and Fiona for helping me chose the unique colourways, showing me around the mill and for producing this  this fab tartan which I transformed into a bustled beauty!

Check out the link to see the behind the scenes footage and all the pics.

Mail Shoot

Drama Queen – The Herald

Another fabulous shoot styled by the wonderfully talented Stylist – Eva Arrighi and photographed  by Kirsty Anderson. Very pleased with another beautiful shoot.

Judy R Clark Harris Tweed Pheasant Feather Bustle Jacket with Calzeat tartan and MYB lace overlay,teamed with lace cuffs &  black skirt with lace bustle.

My initial sketches for Pheasant feather jacket and skirt as seen above .

Some of my  inspiration for the Victoriana inspired piece I created for The Herald photoshoot.

Judy R Clark  Harris Tweed and velvet centennial frock-coat with lace dress, Sequin bib from Zara, Ostrich Feather Hat –  William Chambers Millinery

Judy R Clark Feather & Birds Collar used as headpiece

Stylist: Eva Arrighi

Photographs: Kirsty Anderson

Model: Holly Mcdoweel Model Team

Make Up: Ainslie Currie

Hair: Leigh Ferguson

Fashion Assistants: Laura Marie Dunphry, Laura Faint and Cara Dunlop

Photographed in the grounds of Pollock House and Pollock Country Gardens

The Pulse Magazine

Warrior Queen

Gaelic Frock Coats features on the front page of The Pulse Magazine a  free monthly magazine published by the Scotsman

“Independent  Scottish designers dress a modern-day Mary Queen of Scots, roaming Linlithgow Palace caught between old home and new”

Photographer: Levi MacDonald
Stylist: Claire Stuart
HMU – Kaeleigh Wallace
Model: Tara Nowy at Model Team
Location: Linlithgow Palace

Harris Tweed Book

Lara Platmans new book ‘From Land to Street’ is published
to coincide with celebrations marking the centennial year of the Harris
Tweed Orb. Lara spent a year with the farmers,mill workers, weavers and tailors to capture the essence of all that is Harris Tweed. The fashion pages feature the work of designers using the iconic fabric and
I am happy to say Judy R Clark features alongside some of the worlds renowned
fashion labels such as Vivienne Westwood and Paul Smith. The book is out now!