A snippet of our 10 page feature in Bell Armoire Magazine where Judy talks about her life, work and career as a fashion designer.

“In our house as children we always sat ‘round the table with crayons and pencils, clay, glitter pens — anything we could get our hands on. It was a creative kitchen where my sisters and I were encouraged to get our hands dirty and have some fun,” Judy remembers. It’s still the site of much creative brainstorming. “My kitchen table is one of my favourite places to be. The table has been the same since we were tiny tots standing underneath it. It’s a table full of memories, from the creative arty days, baking days, weird boyfriend days, and now the days of chatting about our different lives, creative paths, the good times, and the wine times!”

Thanks to all involved in the various photo-shoots used throughout the magazine. x